Lee Harris Vision Broadcast

In light of what is happening in the US at the moment amongst everything else that’s wrong with the world, it is more important than ever to have guidance and find the light in the darkness.

I watched this broadcast life on Summer Solstice this last week, and I re-watched it today, to make myself some notes of the more important points and it struck me how poignant Lee’s themes are.

Please watch it for yourself and find a way to make it through the long night of this crazy world and have insight to some truths that will help us bridge this difficult time. I hope you will see the wisdom in Lee’s words and the message from the Z’s.

The Earth is going through a mega shifting of energies and paradigms at the moment, the old way of things is dying, but is putting up a last stand of sorts, because it knows it is mortally wounded. A new world order is coming, a world where community and creativity will be at the forefront. We are here to help create this new way and usher in an era of prosperity and abundance for all. Be a part of the change, don’t be a part of the division, but foster unity even in these adverse times, do not give in to the propaganda of hate. Spread love, compassion and understanding wherever you go.

Blessed be,

Step 13 on your Magickal Path: Magick Hour

Just like the phases of the Moon and the turning of the wheel/seasons are significant markers for when to perform which spells and rituals, so are the time of day, day of the week and month significant as to when your work will deliver best results. No need to panic or overthink, just be aware of the possibilities they hold. In the end your own gut will tell you when the time is best.

The start of a new day is best for spells that invite fresh energies into your life. Work spells for new beginnings; relationships, study, business, employment, health regimes and travel. Perform rituals of purification.
At midday use the sun’s full energy while casting spells of strength, courage, protection, healing, success and money.
As the day ends cast spells for release, letting go of illness, heartbreak and failure, banish misery and pain and its a good time to perform blessings for the following day. Perform rituals for breaking addictions and negative habits.
The dark of night is the time to cast spells to enhance self development, psychic dreams and awareness, divination, spirituality, love peace, healing old wounds and releasing stress.
Witching Hour
Depending on who you ask, witching hour is the time when Witches, spirits and ghosts are most active and powerful. It is either on or around midnight or twilight, when spells and glamours seem to end or run out in most folktales, and between 3am to 4am, where things go bump in the night.
Something to keep in mind for very special deeds that need an extra boost of power maybe…

Monday; ruled by the Moon and a good day for divination, intuition, purity, spirituality, Goddess and healing Magick.
Tuesday; ruled by Mars and best for active, goal setting Magick, physical energy and motivation.
Wednesday; ruled by Mercury and good for communication, knowledge, the arts and intellectual Magick.
Thursday; ruled by Jupiter and best for spells for justice, protection, worldly power, influence, accomplishments, luck, career and travel.
Friday; ruled by Venus and best for love spells, family, friends, fertility, prosperity and healing emotions.
Saturday; ruled by Saturn and a good day for binding, blocking, banishing, changing, renewing and transforming Magick.
Sunday; ruled by the Sun and best for health Magick, prosperity spells and rituals for well being and overall success, material wealth and empowerment.

January: is all about new beginnings, decide on your goals, make a plan of action on how to achieve them. Time to get rid of what no longer serves you, to make room for positive energy and change your life. Take a deep breath, clear your mind and see what ideas come to you, listen to your higher self and see what is ahead for you, what path to take.
February: is all about love, especially self love. This month check in with the goals you set last month and cleanse and purify yourself from al negativity that could be blocking your energy. Perfect time to rededicate yourself to your passions, spiritual path, deities and so on. Take care of yourself mentally, spiritually, emotionally and physically, so you can move into the rest of the year rejuvenated and strong.
March: this energy is perfect for growth, prosperity and fruitfulness. Plant the seeds now for what you want to reap later in the year. spring cleaning is also a March task, clear away negativity and blockages that keep you from manifesting. Connect with the Earth, grounding rituals are great.
April: a month for renewal and reawakening, as the rain pours dow, cleansing the earth, it nourishes the seeds you planted in March. Continue to plant seeds of growth, change and transformation and cultivate them throughout the month. As spring flourishes it’s time to work with the Fay and give them space in your garden. Embrace the playful nature of fairies and the renewing energy of the earth to create positive energy for yourself.
May: fiery, passionate and full of creativity, spring turns to summer and the weather warms, the land is fertile and the birds and the bees are exploring their surroundings. Beltane kicks off the month adding powerful energy to the seeds you planted. Love is all around, use this flaming energy to add motivation to your goals and dreams to bring them into reality.
June: as the summer solstice nears the time for creativity, motivation and preparations for the harvest are made. This months energy is perfect for fires spells, finding what’s lost and traveling. Take responsibility for your actions, time to make decisions and strengthen and protect.
July: as the sun continues to shine so does the energy shine bright, powerful and motivational. Enjoy life, surround yourself with friends and loved ones and celebrate. Work on personal growth and goals you have set and prepare for the harvest. Are you ready to reap the rewards of all the magickal work you have done this year?
August: the first harvest festival kicks off and the energy is bountiful and productive for the entire month. Our ancestors came together to bring in the harvest for the remainder of the season that would see them through the winter and to enjoy the last day of warmth and plenty. Internally you should reap the benefits of the seeds you planted and make of your accomplishments so far.
September: it’s all about balance, declutter emotionally, spiritually and physically to get ready for the dark time of the year. Time to reap the benefits of all that you have grown, harvested and nurtured this year. Celebrate, then rest and prepare for winter.
October: autumn in full swing, time to clear out physically, spiritually and emotionally to prepare for winter. Connect with the past, lived ones, ancestors, spirit guides and more as the veil between the worlds becomes thinner and we approach Samhain.
November: this energy is all about gratitude and preparing for winter. Spending time with family and friends, giving thanks for all that you have accomplished. Focus on health and healing Magick. As nights grow longer divination and introspection are also aligned with November energy.
December: is all about the journey inward, perfect time for personal transformation, meditation, making goals and envisioning how you want your life to be. Magick to banish unwanted negativity, bad habits and depression, as well as spells to increase your personal motivation and inner drive.

If you are into Astrology, there are even planetary and stellar times to consider as well as retrogrades and changes of zodiac positions, but as overwhelming as this can get, just remember one most important factor! All times are right, if you feel like you need to do something at a certain time, then go ahead and do it. Your gut and intuition will lead the way and let you know that this is right, and if its not it will tell you that too, with doubts and delays, that just pop up out of nowhere. Look at the above time schedule as a guide and inspiration rather as a rule.

For example, you want to boost your luck on a Saturday evening, darn Thursday is days away and you need it now, so instead of boosting your luck, how about banishing what is ailing you instead? See how in the end, by changing the way you look at the possibilities, you can achieve what you want.

You are a Witch, find a way, that is what we do.

Naida Jadzia Black

Magick Hour is when you put together all that you have learned and gathered, put it to use to practice your Craft and get the results you desire. Of course it will be sketchy and unreliable as you go along at first, but every spell and ritual will teach you something, even the ones that did not work, those most of all. You will triumph and you will fail, but you will learn and adjust and tinker, till you get it right and then you will have that moment of true knowing and joy.

As we come to the end of this short overview course (13 Steps to your Magickal Path), of how to start practicing Witchcraft and leaning into your own power, I leave you with one last gift. Remember that comment about how your Book of Shadows will write itself? Well here you are, a few weeks down the Crooked Path and if you followed my chapters and done your homework, so to speak, in thinking about every step along the course of how, why and what is important to you, hopefully, I will have stirred a few interests and questions, for you to go and explore and pushed you into making notes and follow your curiosity to research those ideas and interests that pulled you in. Well those very notes are the beginnings of your story, they are the building blocks your book is going to stand on. I even bet that you have had a few irritating moments about some of your writings being incomplete and needing extra space to amend or rewrite, when you made a discovery or found new information. All that is going to happen a lot, till you figure out how you are going to keep track of it all and how that looks like for you. I am working on the next course of how to make your Book of Shadows, so stay tuned.

But in the meantime, look at all you have learned and most of all:

Magick is talking to your plants and explaining to them why they’re being re-potted.
Magick is wearing your favored shirt for good luck.
Magick is saying “thank you” to old items before discarding them.
Magick is a deep breath and a murmured assurance of “I can do this”.
Magick is keeping a candle lit wherever you are, because you like it and it relaxes you.
Magic is throwing open your windows to let in the air, feel the sun on your face and smell the roses.
Magick is all the little things that you do without knowing why.

How to integrate existing traditions to your practice?

Unless you are born into a family of Witches, or have had a Witchcraft upbringing, chances are you have grown up with one religious upbringing or another, and family and social traditions from where you are from. In any case, there may be a whole bunch of traditions, beliefs and celebrations that you grew up with and that have special meaning to you. Sometimes you don’t discover your magickal side till you are older or have had to go through some big upheaval and smacked your face on the door to your new path. And for you few lucky ones, who just knew one day, that Magick was your way. Sometimes it can be hard to finally find your true self and your path, only to realize it clashes with your fondest memories… Well maybe it doesn’t have to!

Let me explain:
My hometown of Merano/Meran has been inhabited since the 3rd millennium BC as findings show. The story of my city proper began in 15BC, when the Romans founded a road station called Statio Maiensis there. Subsequently it underwent various stages of growth; from settlement to town in 857 and finally a proper city in the 13 century, with a castle which elevated it to the capital of the county and remained such till the 1840s. After that the rule of the lands moved elsewhere and it receded into its state of sleepy, but secret pearl of the southern Alps till today. My town and my region have been under christian rule since the beginning over 2000 years ago and there is a lot of history and traditions that are as ingrained into my cultural heritage as DNA. So as I said, a lot of heritage that defines who I am, is rooted in this.

But, and there is always a but, the most amazing thing about traditions, celebrations and religions is, that they all have beginnings somewhere. It is not uncommon to find weird customs that don’t really fit the Christian form, but they are as stubbornly present today in my town as they were millennia ago. Like the Krampus and some of the folklore. These and many others are rooted far back in the earliest of ceremonies of the people there and have been interwoven over the centuries to the catholic faith to maintain them, but their core was steeped in the clouds of time.

Lucky for me all the conventional Christian holidays, like Easter and Christmas can be traced to their pagan origins and repurposed for the Sabats of the Neo-Pagan “Wheel of the Year”. After all, they are ancient European traditions, morphed and adapted over time to suit the ethics of the moment.
This is where we can reclaim our most cherished practices, from our family and culture to our new lore as Witches. I am sure that no matter where you are from, you can recover and restore some of your beliefs and rituals to keep them in your practice and continue to make memories. All it takes is just a little imagination and research.

And this it’s how it is done:
In my town there is a tradition of blessing your door/threshold for the new year. Between mid December and the 6th of January (known as Epiphany/Twelfth Night or Three Kings Day) the Three Kings (usually 3 kids dressed as kings and an accompanying adult) roam the land/town with holy water, myrrh and frankincense and a basket of chalk and knock on every door. They will sing a few carols and smudge the front door and they will write the blessing on your door for a small donation. The writing is the number for the year and the initials of the Three Kings, this way: 20+C+M+B+22. The initials of the three Kings, very interestingly also known as Magi, Caspar, Malchior and Balthazar, are in the inscription with the current year. The initials also signify “Christus mansionem benedicat”, “May Christ bless the house.” The +s represent the cross and the year numerals in front and back mark the meaning that the blessing shall stay with all that dwell in the home for the entire year.
I used to love getting the chalk and giving the pilgrims a few cookies and a 1000 Lira, which equals to about a dollar and send them on their way. So a few years ago I re adopted this custom and made it my own.
On New Years Day I smudge and sweep the house with my besom and sage, ending at the front door, to send the past on its way. I cleanse the door with mint potion and then inscribe my own initials like so: 20+M+M+C+22.
These Initials stand for the Maiden, the Mother and the Crone or “Matris Magicae Consecratus” meaning the Mothers/Goddess’ Magick is consecrated. As I am a follower of the Triple Goddess, this works perfectly in place of the Magi’s initials as is the meaning, for those who dwell here are protected under the sacred Magick of the Goddess. The numerals of the year have the same meaning and since I have no cross I use a circle to symbolize the moon. (I used to do the + till I realized it's the cross, so I changed it)
Art by Jadzia Naida Black

In my own mind and explanation, I just reverted the custom of blessing a home, which most likely has roots way back in the mists of time and had pagan beginnings anyway, back to where it came from, going full circle…

And this is how you can adapt familiar rituals to your new Craft with those traditions that you feel that you want to keep but don’t know how. Determine what is important for you to keep and find a way to reinvent it, so it fits with your practice, remember the rules of Witchcraft? Namely that there are none! You have the power to decide what is right for you, this is no different. Don’t be afraid to blaze a trail and make an old tradition anew, stay true to yourself and find your way. There is always room to improve and adjust, it does not have to be perfect from the start, just as I did with the cross and circle in this case. Know your history and where traditions came from and why your family followed them and then find the meaning they hold for you and for the people who follow them and see if they still ring true. If so, then dig deeper and find the earliest versions of the practice and see if you can find an alignment that works for who you are now. This way you will still be able to enjoy timeworn family ceremonies without coming out of the closet, in case you are in there, and participate without guilt.
Blessed be,

Step 12 on your Magickal Path: Magickal Symbols

A symbol is a mark, sign or word that indicates, signifies, or is understood as representing an idea, object, or relationship. All communication is achieved through the use of symbols. Symbols take the form of words, sounds, gestures, ideas or visual images and are used to convey other ideas and beliefs. Symbolism is the art or practice of using symbols especially by investing things with a symbolic meaning or by expressing the invisible or intangible by means of visible representations.
In Witchcraft symbols play an important part, they are frequently incorporated into spells and rituals to link the ethereal, mysterious power of Magick with the physical world. Symbols are the place where spiritual energy and a Witch’s energy will meet and become one.

There are a million different signs and symbols for Witches to use, but here are some of the most significant ones.


The Pentagram
Every Witch knows the Pentagram, the Five Pointed Star; highly significant and controversial, depending on who looks at it. It is the number one symbol of and in Witchcraft. Traditionally it represents the five elements, Air, Earth, Fire, Water and Spirit. Magick is the art that combines the supernatural (spirits, incantations and spells) with the natural world, by using the spiritual to influence the physical. The circle that surrounds it, serves as the sign of unity and wholeness, harmony and balance. Together they symbolize the perfect symbiosis of the physical and spirit world.

The Triple Moon, Tripple Spiral-Triskele & The Triquetra
The Triple Moon Symbol is a popular pagan and Wiccan symbol used to represent the Goddess. It shows different portions of the lunar cycle, with the moon in three phases – waxing, full and waning. When taken as a whole, these three phases represent the never-ending cycle of birth, life, death, and rebirth.
The triple spiral, or triskelion, is typically considered a Celtic design, but this symbol appears in many different cultures. It appears in a variety of places as a three-faceted spiral, three interlocking spirals, or other variations of one shape repeated three times. The symbol is also thought to represent the three worlds: spiritual, physical, and celestial.
The triquetra, or Celtic Knott, is also a symbol of threes. The shape of the Knot is reminiscing of leaves and its affinity to nature. It symbolizes the connection of mind, body and soul and the realms of earth, sky and sea. All of these signs represent the Goddess and the power of three in one way or another.

The Spiral

The Spiral
The spiral is one of the oldest and most universal symbols. A sacred symbol also known as the “Spiral of Life”, it represents birth, death, and rebirth (eternity), the wheel of the seasons and the evolution of the universe from the singularity of the divine thus considered as a “shape of energy” that evolved order out of chaos. It represents the cosmic force, a doorway to life, the cycles of time and nature, a spiritual journey, evolution/learning/growing. The Spiral is a representation of the feminine power, thus found often on the belly of a goddess statuette, it is the depiction of the beginning of life, the issuance of the Mother Goddess.

The Wheel of the Year
Sun Cross

The Wheel of the Year & The Solar Cross – Sun Cross
Also referred to sometimes as the Sun wheel, it helps us navigate the ever changing seasons and to celebrate the sabbats. Originally developed from the solar cross and used to mark the calendar for solstices and equinoxes. The cross-in-a-circle was interpreted as a solar symbol derived from the interpretation of the disc of the Sun as the wheel of the chariot of the Sun god. In modern times it is used as an astronomical symbol representing the Earth rather than the Sun, it also represents the fifth element, Spirit.

The Elemental Symbols
Within Witchcraft the four elemental symbols are used to represent the natural world. And when it comes to Magick, the natural world is extremely important. Taken individually, each element has its own unique set of strengths and weaknesses. But when combined within the sacred circle, they become a unified source of power.

The Faerie Star

The Faerie Star
The seven-pointed Faerie Star is an emerging symbol in contemporary Magick. Also known as a Fairy Star or Elven Star, it is most often used to represent the world(s) of the Fay. It can be displayed as a protective shield, a focal point for meditation, or a symbol of the Shining Realms. The seven-pointed star has had mystical associations for centuries–probably longer, since the number seven is important in many spiritual traditions around the world.

The Eye of Horus- Eye of Ra
The Eye of Horus is sometimes referred to as the Wedjat, Wadjet or Udjat, and represents Horus, the Egyptian falcon-headed god. The Eye was used as a symbol of both protection and healing. The right eye of Horus represents Ra, the sun god and the symbol of royal power. The same image in reverse represents the left eye of Thoth, the god of magic and wisdom and the Moon.

The Egg

The egg has always held particular symbolic significance, partly because it is a visual shorthand for new life and un-hatched potential. The egg brings hope and purity. It is a symbol of fertility and the circle of life, of transformation and rebirth.

Sigils and Seals

A Sigil is a symbol designed as a personal magickal statement of intent, a talismanic tool personally keyed by the user and even when copied it will only work in its intended use for the Witch that made it. Only the maker knows what the sigil stands for or its use.
A Seal is a more general purpose sigil, that others can use and understand. A magickal seal can be used by multiple practitioners for the same purpose. For example the Seal of Solomon gave the power to command demons, jinn (genies), or to speak with animals.

Numbers are symbols used for words that are used to count, measure and label. They have been used over the millennia to convey ideas and concepts. Mathematic is the universal language that unites nature and man, and it does not surprise me at all that it is also the language of the Gods. Numbers carry spiritual significance, this has been understood by every culture in every moment in time.

Since symbols have such a significant presence in Witchcraft, it is only logical to find one that is personally linked to yourself and exclusively yours.

Summer Solstice – Litha

Art by Jadzia Naida Black

June 19-22

At Midsummer we celebrate the peak of the sun’s power, when the day is longest and the night is shortest. The Goddess and the God are also at the peak of power as their love spreads across the land. The Goddess and Mother is heavily pregnant with the God’s child and all the bounty of the earth. The crops are ripening and all summers plenty is maturing. The God is now the last of the SunKing and GrainLord, this is the turning point of the waxing year to the waning year as he hands over the rains to his dark side till Yule. It is a time to celebrate the abundance and beauty of the Earth.

This is the time of great magickal power, of fairies roaming the fields and woods. It is the time to perform spells of healing, love and prosperity most effectively. Gather and dry herbs this time of the year for extra potency, plunge the Athame into the cauldron and leap over the “balefire” for purification and renewing energy.

Rituals and Activities

Prosperity and Good Fortune: place honey on the altar to represent life sweetness, light a gold candle for 4-5 nights and after it is snuffed out, wrap it in gold cloth with sunflower seeds and tie it with a yellow ribbon and keep it till next Litha for protection and good fortune, leave milk out for the fairies

Healing and Protection: make sun water for protection spells, grounding & healing spells, let crystals absorb the power of the sun, make sun catchers, walk in the fields

Divination: fire scrying, crystal gazing, tarot for future

Litha is a time of childlike pleasure before the hard work of harvest. But don’t give away fire, neglect your animals or sleep away from home this holiday…

Litha Feast: herbed breads, honey cakes, pastries, vegetables, berries, fruit, cheese, whipped cream, cold meats, potato salad with hard boiled eggs, mead, lemonade, red wine

Litha Herbs: Chamomile, Cinquefoil, Elder flower, Fennel, Lavender, Mugwort, Thyme, Vervain

Decorations, Tools & Symbols: Summer flowers, wisteria, suns, sun catchers, sea shells, lemons, fairies, garlands, cauldron lined with flowers

Animals and Mythical Beings: Dragons, Firebird, horse, butterflies, geckos, seahorse, eagle, bear, cows

Litha Candle Magick Ritual: 
Gather a large bowl of beach sand, three candles and a sea shell for cleansing energies. As you welcome the glory of the sun, symbol of energy, growth and well-being, light the candles, representing your body, mind and spirit, in a triangle around the bowl. With your blessed seashell in the center of the sand, begin to draw a spiral clockwise, from the seashell outward, visualizing new growth, renewal and positive light energy finding its way to you as you do so.

With this symbol of life, death and renewal

I now draw in new energy to manifest my desires.

I welcome opportunities of positive change into my life.

When complete, meditate with your new energy.
Litha Herb Charm: 
Put all these herbs into a sachet: St. Johnsworth, Mugwort, Vervain & Lemon Balm 
As you are gathering your ingredients, pour all your worries, fears and concerns into them, then drop the bag into the Litha fire or cauldron and watch them them burn away.

Step 11 on your Magickal Path: Tools of the Craft

Art by Jadzia Naida Black

Whether you look at a fairy tale, folklore or history, every Witch has her special magickal tools, a Magick wand, a broom, a scepter, pointed hat or staff. We are all different and all of our Witchcraft practices are different. We all have our favorite magickal items. Therefore, it is no surprise that there are specific traditional Witches tools. Some might not be what you expect, while others are rather obvious. Whatever a Witch needs is often right at her fingertips, including easy-to-acquire tools that only require a quick trip to the garden, forest, or village. Most of the traditional Witches tools were homemade or traded for and were used for multiple purposes (such as the cauldron and the broom.) While other magickal tools took more work or special trips to acquire.

There are some tools that are “linked” to the Witch, by her aura and energy and have to be chosen or come to the Witch as she travels. Some tools need to be cleansed and embellished as the Witch imparts her own power and those are what I call personal tools. They are as personal as the path the Witch choses and each tool will have the Witches personal imprint, therefore it is very important that no one touches or uses those tools but the Witch they are linked to, or they may not work as well as they are meant to.

“My mind is my Weapon… And a mind needs books
as a sword needs a whetstone, If it is to keep it’s edge.”

Tyrion Lannister
Art by Jadzia Naida Black

Obviously there is one tool that can only be wield by one Witch, her Mind, and it is the most important tool of them all. The power of a Witch lies within her mind and therefore the more you know, the more powerful you become. All other tools will only enhance what you already have, they can not give you Magick or power if you don’t find it within. That is what makes you a Witch and not a Muggle…

The second most important tool of a Witch is her Book of Shadows; it holds her story and her path and everything that is connected to her. Every Witch should write her own or at least collect the information pertaining to her in a box, file, folder etc. The Book of Shadows or Grimoire is her companion, teacher and keeper of secrets. It is the cornerstone on which she builds her Magick. A Book of Shadows can be a simple notebook or work of art, physical or virtual, it is as individual as the Witch. You decide what to put into it and how you structure it. It can be one book or several.

The third most important tool for myself is my Wand. The Wand is a tool of the element of Fire or Air. The Wand channels a Witch’s power and abilities. Traditionally they are used for invocation and charging of objects, to bestow blessings and evoke the Gods. Wands can be used for a variety of rituals and celebrations, to protect and transform, do charm work and sigils and many other uses. A great Witch does not “need” a Wand, but it is nonetheless a good tool to have.

The Athame is a tool similar to the Wand and sometimes, depending on the Wiccan tradition, it is used in the same way to charge and consecrate objects and to direct the Witches energy during rituals and spellcasting. Most often it is used to cast circles of protection and banish negative energy. It is also a tool of the element of Fire or sometimes Air as is the Wand. Traditionally the Athame is a double bladed ritual dagger or small sword.

Art by Jadzia Naida Black

The Chalice, a tool of the element of Water, it symbolizes the womb of the Goddess from which all power flows. It is used to hold sacred water, libations and potions for rituals or offerings. Combined with the Athame it represents the act of procreation and evokes universal creativity.

Few household tools have as much magickal lore and mysticism attached to them as the broom. Images of Witches flying on broomsticks are as synonym as pointy hats and robes and every story ever told has a Witch and her broom. Now the difference between the broomstick and the besom is in its use.

Broomsticks are used mainly for transportation and to play Quidditch. There are many models to choose from, usually differing in speed, aerodynamics and balance depending on it’s main function, recreational or professional sports and travel. So does the price… Few build their own broomstick these days.

The Besom however is a ritualistic tool and used to spiritually cleanse the home of a Witch and cast out negative energies as they sweep away dust. The besom does not actually have to touch the ground when sweeping out your sacred space or home, as it is sweeping energy.

The Pentacle, a round solid disc made from stone, wood or metal, with a personal symbol of Magick (often a pentagram) carved or drawn onto it. It is a tool of the element Earth. It is used to consecrate or charge such things as amulets or charms when placed on top of the pentacle at the center of the altar, as well as the blessing of salt and water.

There are other tools that may or may not be directly linked to you depending on your preferences and inclinations or practices. Every Witch has her own arsenal of personal tools and it is all directly linked to your own brand of Witchcraft. You will come across these tools, make them or find them as you progress in your art. You will know if a tool needs to be linked to you more than another and you will find your own ways to link them. This is one of the most wonderful parts of being a Witch, the discovery of your allies and tools and how you use them. Don’t be hasty or impatient, they will make themselves known when the time comes.

Dain Heer; Being you, Changing the World

A few years ago, one of my very good friends introduced me to Dr. Dain Heer and his book “Being you, Changing the World”.

I am so not the type for self help books or finding a lifestyle guru, so I was very skeptical at first. I have never seen a book that was really useful for showing you the way without falling into the sermons and positive/wishful thinking category, without actually giving you any real life examples or methods, before, so I was a bit reticent at first when she gave it to me.
The book starts with a page of gratitude, and then the Introduction is quick and to the point. After that it literally jumps right into the first exercise and it just gets better and better page after page.
This book has changed my life and I have done all the exercises in it, because they are amazing and you see things change, you change by just looking at things differently. I have stopped reading the book at times and picked it back up a few months later only to find exactly the advice I so needed right at the perfect time. It was truly magickal.
This book was so groundbreaking to me that I ended up writing a poem/prayer from the messages within and I use it as mantra to remind myself of what is important.

Now is the time for being me,
To ask the questions that let me see,
What is possible and what can be true,
When the universe is looking out for you.
The gifts it offers I shall receive,
Without judgements I will believe.
And everything that won’t allow that to come true,
I shall destroy, uncreate and call taboo.
For Right and Wrong, Good and Bad, POD and POC, All Nine, Shorts, Boys and Beyonds.
This is pure magic and it’s time to take out my Wand…
Ticktock Ticktock Magic exists and now I see,
As I will it so mote it be…

Jadzia Naida Black

You will understand the mantra if you read the book.

I am so glad I trusted my friend who introduced me to Dain Heer and his method, she gave me the book and we went through it together a few times. It is good to have people in your life that point you in the right direction here and there. This is why I myself passed on this book to a couple of my closest friends, in the hope they will benefit from the ideas within, and this is why I am bringing you the opportunity to look into it as well.
Dain Heer’s method is easy and practical. It gives you the tools to make the changes and if I know my Witch sisters out there, you probably are doing some of these things already, but subconsciously, now you can apply the method consciously and see the Magick happen right in front of your eyes. I hope you get the book, for yourself and everyone you hold dear.

Step 10 on your Magickal Path: The Alchemy of Magick

Art by JNBlack

You may ask, what is the Alchemy of Magick?
It is all the studies and interests you hold about Witchcraft and want to learn to become a better Witch. Things you want to know, like how to make potions and work spells or Herbalism for example. It’s all about the actual things that help with your knowledge of the magickal arts.
Spiritualism is important , it defines the way you interact with the Beyond. It depends on your beliefs what spiritualism looks like for you, it is your relationship with your spirit guides and your ancestors, your guardian angels and messages from the aether.
If this is part of your path then research it, find rituals and spells for connecting with the spirit world. Maybe you want to fly the hedge and roam into the worlds beyond our own. Or maybe it is astro projecting or finding your spirit guides. Or go on a spirit quest and maybe open the way to the Akashic Records.
It is your relationship to Astrology and Astronomy, so close but not the same, each holds it’s own field of beliefs. If you are going to study one, you will encounter the other. So explore the heavens, learn the science and dive into the wonders of the Universe. Then apply it to the ancient knowledge of the astrologer and find your answers in the stars.
It is Potions and Apothecary, again, the relationship is almost one and the same, both can heal or kill, depending on degree of application. It is a study worth taking especially if you have the heart of a healer. Potions is an art, as Professor Snape will tell you, and there are so many uses for them. As well as Herbalism and Horticulture, the study of plants, one can not be done without the other. You will need to know your potion ingredients if you are going to succeed in working your Magick through them. Go foraging in your garden or fields and woods and learn what grows and how it can be used. You will wonder at how many plants, everyone just looks as weeds, actually have healing properties.
Just like Herbalism is a part of both of these studies so is Alchemy. Alchemy has a special place among Witches, it was a forerunner of the modern chemistry and physics studies, but intertwined with medicine and philosophical studies.
The quest of immortality and universal healing as well as turning lead into gold…that is what Alchemy is most famous and infamous for, but its true value is how to apply the knowledge to effect transformation of one substance into another. This study was all about the spiritual and physical world of transfiguration and transmutation. Most important for true healing in a holistic way and effecting change on a spiritual level if it is to have impact on the physical plane as well.

Witches have to have a holistic approach to their studies, none of witch are a field onto itself, but serve a bigger picture and a greater good. Every thing a Witch studies is for a bigger purpose than the study in itself. Each serving part of another, to complete the picture and give the Witch a better understanding of her world, inside and outside of herself.
Spells and devotions are a part of the practice, but not the sum of it, there is so much more entangled into the Craft than people realize. A true Witch does not do any of it for the thrill of being a Witch, it is a calling deep within the soul and deserves respect. We are keepers and stewards of the knowledge of old and protectors to the natural world. We understand the balance of light an dark forces and maintain this equilibrium for future generations. We do not serve any master for our gain, we only seek to master ourselves and to serve Mother Nature and all her creatures. We respect the natural cycles of life and death and rebirth. We strive to understand the world around us and bring betterment to our community.
We are born to the Craft and serve it as best we can, in humility and service to all who may need us. We do not choose to be Witches for power or supremacy, we seek no such boon. Like Dumbledore, who had no intentions to take over the Ministry of Magic, Witches do not look to rule the world. If we did it would already be so, but that is not what we are here for…

Find the studies that set your heart on fire, go after the fields you are most keen to dip your feet into and explore the world with open eyes. Embrace the chance of possibilities and look around in wonder and you will live a Magickal life.

The Law of Attraction

What is The Law of Attraction?
The law of Attraction is a feeling or “frequency”, it is the frequency each of us sends out and each of us receives back.
We all have a large array of emotions and thoughts that run our frequency and determine the kind of energy we release out into the universe. In return that energy will determine what kind of energy and frequency we are tuned into receiving. Like a radio, if your listening to the country music channel you probably will not get any classical music or hard rock songs, so if that is what you are looking for, don’t blame the channel, just change the frequency to what you want to receive.
How do I do that you may ask? Here is the secret of how.

1: Ask
2: Believe — unwaveringly, allow no doubt
3: Receive
This is called the creative process, be happy, feel good and put yourself into this frequency all the time, don’t allow it to go off track and indulge into doubt, self depreciation and fear. Keep an eye out for any negative thoughts and feelings that linger or intrude and banish them with positive mantras and positive thoughts. Concentrate on what you DO want, not on what you DON’T want.

Energy flows where attention goes…
( if you dwell on what is wrong in your life, more of that will show, if you focus on the good things in your life, more will follow…)
There is enough for everyone, everything else is a lie. Wealth is a mindset, abundance is happiness, happiness is abundance.

Pay Attention to what the universe is offering, ACT when opportunity knocks.
Big or small is not important; Size is a human limitation, there is no size hurdle for the universe, it’s effortless for the universe.
Time is not a rule, this is also a human concept, time does not exist for the universe, it will rearrange itself for your wishes to come true, it takes the time it needs to do so, if you doubt, then you are stopping it from working.
Like a seed that you plant in your garden, it is going to take time to grow, so does the universe take time to rearrange, you don’t question the seed will grow, you know it will, and the same way you need to just know the universe will too.

Powerful Processes:

Gratitude sign/sigil

1:Gratitude: Focus on gratitude, on what you already have. Gratitude is a feeling and that feeling has power. Your thoughts and your feelings create your life. Find a pretty rock, small enough to carry with you, and use it to remind you to be grateful for all the good things in your life, more will follow , I call it my “Gratitude Rock”.

2:Visualize: You materialize what you visualize. Always only dwell on the End Result…” I know this is a biggie, how do you do that? Well quite simple actually, I always start with what I want.
For example, a few years ago I wanted to move from my tiny apartment to have more space, but how? I did not earn more money to afford a bigger place? Well I stopped worrying about how I was going to do it, just concentrating on what type of place I wanted. Space for an office for me and my partner, a garden for veggies and a fireplace. It wasn’t a big list. Some time later my partner got a new job and we moved and I got all I asked for, amazing!

Art of Jadzia Naida Black

The “HOW “is the domain of the universe. Do not worry about “the how”, the universe will figure out how to get you what you ask for. Just ask and receive. The universe is your genie; “ Your wish is my command” There are infinite wishes, the universe is your catalogue, choose and ask…order as much as you want. Use vision boards to help your focus and imagination.
Believe you can have it. Believe you deserve it. Believe it’s coming. Set and release.
When you have an inspired thought you have to trust it and act on it. Don’t doubt. Write down exactly what you want( how much money do you want, what house do you want, what relationship…)

Everything is energy in the universe. You are energy, everything around you is energy and energy can be guided, molded, focused, transformed. Energy is power. All power comes from within and that puts you in control of your power. Don’t let anyone/anything else tell you what you can or can’t do.

"You CAN do anything you put Your Mind to."
Do more of what gives you joy, happiness and love. 
Feel good and release that power to get what you want.

“This is the secret, now go and use it.”

What we think we create.

What we feel we attract.

What we imagine we become.

Step 9 on your Magickal Path: Healing & Energy Works

Witchcraft is historically linked to the healing arts. Witches, Shamans and Wise Women all thru history have been sought out for healing practices, as midwifes and their knowledge of herbs and plants. Most Witches are healers because of the deep knowledge of the natural world around them, the awareness of the energy world and the supernatural. It is those very skills that got them in so much trouble during the dark ages with the church and the ruling men, because it gave them status and importance in the community, that prominence was feared and envied by those that coveted that prestige for their own gains. The power to heal and weigh into the balance of life or death was a covenant of the church and they fought Witches all through the ages for that privilege. Modern medicine and science have come a long way from the past and Healers have been reprieved but alternative or natural healing is still medicines step child and it is not encouraged or considered as valid as regular medicine by the status quo.

There are several healing practices a Witch should study and learn for herself and to help others.
Herbology: The study of herbs and plants is an absolute must, not only for healing but for Spellwork and Magick in general. Apothecary and Potions go hand in hand so it is important to know as much as possible about this subject.
Grounding: Grounding has always been vital to the health of any Witch and there are several techniques for it, but lately there have been studies that have revealed grounding as much more necessary for any human being, not just Witches. It is been proven that grounding restores the energetic balance within the body and reduces inflammation.
Energy Works: From realigning Chakras to Reiki and Energy Balls, knowing how to see and manipulate energy for healing and other Magickal workings is necessary.
Spells: Healing spells, Cleansing spells and Release spells each have their value for physical or spiritual healing and other Magick.
Meditation: Meditation can focus the mind and calm the body to help with several issues, it is useful to keep a Dream Journal or Spiritual Journal to help with interpreting meaning and finding patterns.
Singing Bowls: Tibetan singing bowls work through sound wave therapy, they are used for deep relaxation, stress reduction, holistic healing, Reiki and chakra balancing.

Finding the time to heal is half the battle in the modern Witches life, for herself and others in her immediate circle. So this is important, develop a healthy self care routine and keep a couple of spells and potions for healing at hand, to remedy any imbalance as soon as possible and avoid them building up into major issues. Keep yourself safe and sound so you can help others, if that is you path.